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: Today I ventured out into the world and bought vaccuum cleaner bags and a new paper shredder. Luckily they had the cheap $10 kind of paper shredder, the kind that comes with no wastebasket. I like that kind best. Then I wanted to pick up some more Japanese tempura to see if it would stay down, so I went to Wasabi Express, and they are closed Mondays. Undaunted, I went to Tokyo Garden. They are also closed Mondays. By that time I was getting hungry so I drove through Long John Silver's and got some fish & chips. Mistake.

[Comments] (3) : I forgot to tell about the anole lizzard when I wrote about our trip to Arkansas. On New Years Day, Aaron and Atticus caught a little anole lizzard and hung him from Alyson's ear. He was hanging on very tightly, clamped to her earlobe by his teeny tiny teeth.

I felt very bad to be laughing and thinking it was funny because I knew the poor little thing must be terrified. Atticus was jumping up and down and yelling, "Papa! Papa! There is a lizzard on mommy's ear!"

It was difficult to get the lizzard off Alyson's ear because he was holding on for dear life. Eventually Aaron pried his jaw loose, using the stick from a discarded bottle rocket. This is good practice for when Aaron is a dentist.


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