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[Comments] (1) : I've never followed a Presidential campaign so closely in my entire life. Of course, the stakes for our country are much, much higher this time. Every time I get scared and nervous for Clark, I remind myself that it's probably like trying out for Honor Band. The first year you try out, you have to realize that you probably won't make it. But you learn the ropes and what to expect, and the next year there are no rude surprises at the audition, and you're in!

: Karen Nations and I went to see the Book of Mormon Movie tonight. We sat with Noel and Emma Cruz, and it was good to see them. The movie was about as bad as they come--wooden writing, mediocre acting. Lehi and the angels were all particularly stiff, and some of the costumes were obviously made out of afghans and bedspreads. The actor who played Nephi, however, was hunky.

Before the movie, the "assistant production assistant" or somebody like that gave a speech in which she spoke of the "miracles" that happened during the filming. Then she tried to sell us the DVD, specially priced today only with a free soundtrack CD if you buy it tonight steprightupladiesandgentlemen! All in all, pretty cheesy.


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