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: I am a little bit tiffed at my maps. I think the world map shouldn't show that I've been to Alaska (I wish!), and it shouldn't show all of Canada, when the truth is I've only been to British Columbia. And why won't it let me revise them?

[Comments] (1) : Follow Up: See I was right. In today's business section of the paper, there is a big article headlined "What Happened to the Tax Cuts?" It says that millions of Americans will have their taxes go up instead of down. Dumb George W. Bush.

I think that, as a nation, we have been had.

: Today's big headline is that the KHSD board has voted to keep the Toni Morrison novel in the classroom. Hooray! Strike one for religious freedom for The Rest of Us, and for the First Amendment, and for the critical thinking skills of the new generation.

The troublemaking parent who started the whole scandal is thinking of running for the school board though. That is a scary thought. I will have to campaign for her opponent. Especially if it's Wesley Crawford.


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