Jabberwocky for 2004 March 10 (entry 0)

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: Evil. Evilness. This morning I forgot to bring a bottle of water, so I tried to buy one from the vending machine. First it wouldn't take my dollar. Then it wouldn't take my quarter. Then it ate them both and did not dispense a water bottle. Then it sat there sullenly and wouldn't give back my money either.

I went to a different building and tried another machine. It wouldn't even suck my dollar in. Later in the morning, a student asked if he could go buy himself some water and I told him he could if he could get some for me. I gave him $1.25--a dollar and a quarter. He was gone just forever, and when he returned he reported that he had had to go to the snack machine and change the dollar for quarters and then he had had to hit the water vending machine. Eventually the water bottle came out.

The water here on the east side of town has toxic waste in it, which you can taste if you drink out of the drinking fountain. This vending machine issue is a serious one.

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