Jabberwocky for 2004 March 18 (entry 0)

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: It's a gorgeous day. I'm going to go visit Ernestine Boonstoppel, to make sure she is okay, and then I need to work in the yard. Anne sent me a bunch of amaryllis bulbs (for my Christmas present!) so they will need to go in the ground. Some of them are trying to overachieve right now inside their plastic wrappers. They probably won't do much this year, but next summer, wow.

I'm also trying to figure out logistics for a trip to the temple to get cards made for Larry and Uncle Carl. Also Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Richard, but their cards don't have to be ready the first week of April like the other ones. The YM are going to the temple during spring break, so I want to send Larry's and Carl's names.

Dogs are funny creatures. No matter what rawhide chew it is, the other dog wants it. Then, when the prize is gained, suddenly the abandoned chewie is attractive again.

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