Jabberwocky for 2004 April 8 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (1) : It's the Eurosealer! New! Fantastic! As seen on TV! Reseals bags for extra freshness!

So I had to get it to see if it would work. It does, after a fashion. Kind of tricky to use, and a twistie tie is easier. I resealed the carrot bag today.

The real attraction of the Eurosealer is it's a descendant of the heat sealer Leonard and I used to run when we were in high school and we worked in packaging at Aunt Jeuney's hobby supply business. It was the most tempermental machine I ever met, so of course we developed a love-hate relationship. Ziploc bags were barely invented at the time and wouldn't become common for another decade. The Eurosealer is about 1/50th the size of that old heat sealer machine.

The Eurosealer may very well end up in the garage sale when I have finished playing with it.


Posted by rachel at Thu Apr 08 2004 16:44

but why is it called a EUROsealer?

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