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English Teacher Quagmire: I have graded papers most of the day and I am still not finished!

[Comments] (1) In a Parallel Universe: In another lifetime, I am taller and thinner and have better hair. I wear bright colored ethnic inspired clothing and funky jewelry--and bracelets don't bug my in my other life. I work as an editor for Natural History Magazine, and every morning I drive my red sports car from my restored 1915 Craftsman home in Sugar Hill to the Natural History Museum. I walk through the Los Angles Municipal Rose Garden every morning after I park, and then I go to my own little office in the museum to produce the magazine.

It's almost as fun to imagine these things as to do them, isn't it? I actually quite like the friends and family I have in this universe, but it's nice to know this is not all there is. We can always think about the alternatives.


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