Jabberwocky for 2004 April 15 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (1) In a Parallel Universe: In another lifetime, I am taller and thinner and have better hair. I wear bright colored ethnic inspired clothing and funky jewelry--and bracelets don't bug my in my other life. I work as an editor for Natural History Magazine, and every morning I drive my red sports car from my restored 1915 Craftsman home in Sugar Hill to the Natural History Museum. I walk through the Los Angles Municipal Rose Garden every morning after I park, and then I go to my own little office in the museum to produce the magazine.

It's almost as fun to imagine these things as to do them, isn't it? I actually quite like the friends and family I have in this universe, but it's nice to know this is not all there is. We can always think about the alternatives.


Posted by Marianne Morse at Sat Apr 17 2004 13:58

And in that other lifetime, I am a painter, living out from town in a small but comfortable house, with a studio and out back, a garden. Yes, it is pleasant to imagine.

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