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[Comments] (3) Some Days You Just Can't Win: Today has been an interesting day. Susie and John left in the early a.m., and Rachel and I got ready for church. My IV container sprang a leak and soaked my clothes, and Gretel opened the door and got back in and we couldn't get her out, so we were late for church. We sat in the back with Gwen and Don Hare, who said they had also been late. Church wasn't too bad. I didn't cry this year from missing my mother too much. The Relief Society had made pineapple strawberry frappe for all the sisters but I didn't get any because I had to leave early to go home throwing up.

Then Rachel went back to Los Angeles and I went to bed. Barely got to sleep and my TPN pump decided to act up, with big loud alarms. I turned it off, tried to reboot, tried new batteries, checked the tubing, tried everything. It doesn't work still, and I am starting to feel faint. I called the nurse and she said they would send another one out, but they haven't come yet.

Meanwhile, Sadie is in desperate John withdrawal mode and just craving attention every second.


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