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[Comments] (4) A Hole In the Middle For The Juice to Come Out:: Gretel and I went to White Forest Nursery this morning and bought more blueberry bushes. I realized I would never have enough blueberries to make a pie unless I grow more bushes. I also bought one to give to Jill Langley for her birthday. She was thrilled, so I was glad I thought of it. Tomorrow I will plant our new bushes in the morning.

Sherrie Lewis and I took Jill to lunch at La Mina for her birthday. We also took Gwen Lewis, so our visiting teaching is done for the month. (Sherrie stopped by Sister Boonestoppel's, and I spent time with her last week.) I had the enchilada suiza and the other ladies had the buffet. So far it has stayed down--sorta, barely.

I am making pate a choux filled with tuna salad to take to Guilt and Lies Meeting tonight.


Posted by Susie at Fri May 21 2004 08:26

What is pate a choux? I am making chocolate dipped strawberries to take to the Spoil Jodi meeting tomorrow.

Posted by mom at Fri May 21 2004 11:24

It's the dough that you can make cream puffs, or eclairs, or cheese puffs, or anything else with.

Posted by Kristen at Fri May 21 2004 11:52

Aaron and I planted flower seeds late March I think it was, and they still haven't grown. :( What did we do wrong?

Posted by frances at Fri May 21 2004 17:38

Could have been anything. I've mostly given up on seeds. I buy the six packs. Sometimes I kill even them.

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