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[Comments] (1) Long Weekend:: Leonard and Rachel and Sumana were here for the weekend, and they helped me in the yard, which was thrilling. We didn't do much really--visited Grandpa, and went to see A Day Without a Mexican . Rachel remarked that the people who really need to see that movie are the people who will refuse to go to it.

I've just about got my (contemporary) scrapbook caught up, and then I need to work on Leonard's before I can start on the life history book again. Will be nice to be finished.

Genealogy wise, I did all the Hansens today. It was odd coming across the names of aunts and uncles I knew when I was a girl, and not having to imagine what they were like. Remembering very fondly tonight Aunt Bessie, who was a professional seamstress and who encouraged me and taught me a lot.


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