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[Comments] (2) Gratituous Violence: Last semester we had an essay topic about violence in the media, and one of my students wrote that he likes to watch violent movies. I was shocked. Then later that day, I was reading a review of Hidalgo, and the reviewer was complaining about the violence in it. Huh? Then I realized that I like to watch violent movies too. The kind of violence I don't like is cars chasing around and blowing up and modern action film, but give me a good swordfight or a brawl in a Western cantina any day. Yes, I want to see the hero hit the villan over the head with a chair.

That said, Karen Nations and I went to see King Arthur this afternoon. We loved it. I like going to the movies with Karen because we sit and make irreverent remarks. This Arthur story is mostly galloping horses and swordfights and Saxon battle axes--the love story is very much secondary.

The movie was filmed in Ireland. I read one review--in Newsweek, I think, that said "It's not very often that the weather is one of the main characters of the movie." I'm going to go see it again when it comes to the dollar theater.

In other news, I graded exams all morning and then went to the dentist. He has figured out $3,400 worth of work he wants to do, and my dental insurance will only cover $1000 a year. Bleah. I even have some teeth that are cracked. I'm going to have to take a long look at how long I really expect to live. I'll get the cavities filled, and crowns on the two broken teeth, but I don't know about the rest.


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