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[Comments] (3) Apostlenaut: Today in testimony meeting one of the deacons said how sad he was that the apostle, Neil Armstrong, had died. That's one small step for a man but a giant leap for an Apostle. What a hoot. Chris Leger remarks that in his honor, they are building a temple on the very spot where the Apollos launched.

Today both Karen Nations and Ruth Davis were on their own, so they invited me to dinner at the Davis home. It was going to be just us girls, but then Brad came home. We had a nice dinner of curry and ripe tomatoes (and a lovely salad for those who can eat salad, but I can't.) We were going to play Scrabble but couldn't find the board. Drat. My chance to win a game.

It was a fun visit, and I needed to be home paying bills, but I wasn't.

[Comments] (2) I'm Doing Everything Wrong: So. Dr. Amin says he doesn't know how anyone's stomach can be that bad and they are still alive. (and I'm kicking too!) I haven't seen the pictures yet, but he has. I told him I could mention a few words. Hivid. Norvir. AZT. Etc.

I am not supposed to eat: Spareribs. Curry. Bagles. Pizza. Practically everything else I have eaten all week.

Back to juice and yogurt.

[Comments] (4) But it Cost Just as Much!: I went to the store today and bought a bunch of Dr. Amin approved food. Stuff for a boatload of smoothies, yogurt, rice pudding, soy milk. Experimentally, I bought carrot juice to add to smoothies. It's not too bad. So today starts the grand experiment of retraining my stomach. I spent $57 and don't even have any real food. I guess real food isn't an option for a while.

[Comments] (2) Surprise Shipment in Boxes!: I received two boxes today from Amazon.com. The ladies on the Mollie list went in together and got me every book on my wish list plus one called Losing America by Senator Byrd. Wow! That was very thoughtful of them. Two of the books are Paul Theroux travelogues about traveling by train--through Europe and through South America. I can't wait to read them.

Still chiseling along on Bill Clinton's biography.

[Comments] (3) Dentadventure: Today I had one of my teeth fixed by a new(ish) German method. The dentist drilled out the old filling and the new cavity, leaving a horrifyingly jagged shell of a molar which my tongue of course couldn't resist. He took a digital picture of the tooth, cropped the surrounding teeth out of the picture, and then used some fancy software to transform the picture into a virtual 3-D image of the tooth. Then, using the trackball on the computer, he outlined the area that was to be filled with porcelain. The computer sent the info to a milling machine, which lathed out a block of porcelain in the exact shape and size of the hole. Then the dentist basically bonded the patch in with Krazy Glue. He says only about 4 to 5% of dentists have this equipment. It surely was interesting to watch. I got to go into the other room and see the little machine drilling out a crown for my tooth.

Now my tongue can't resist the new filling.

Meow: A litter of tiger cubs has been born at the National Zoo. They must have very good luck with breeding tigers. When we were there in 2000, there was also a litter of new cubs. It was an overcast, cool day --okay, it was cold!-- and the tigers were very active. The cubs were chasing each other all over the grotto, and me without my telephoto lens!

[Comments] (1) Beating the Odds: This afternoon I went to my appointment with Dr. Manu. (The stomach doctor.) He said it was a miracle to see me come walking into his office. Why? Because, he said, the operation I had last week has a 10% fatality rate. I wonder if I knew that last week? I was so sick that even if he had told me, it wouldn't have sunk in.

That's not such bad odds, really. I would still go ahead with it, even if the risk were higher.

Tiger Update: The new cubs at the National Zoo can be watched on the tigercam, http://www.fonz.org/ Actually, they don't do much, but they are cute.

Oh, Noooooooo!: Yesterday I went to Target to buy a baby gift. Everything had been rearranged, and the aisles had been squiched closer together. There was a cavernous empty space in the "seasonal" area--all the patio furniture, etc., gone. I don't wanna think they are getting ready to set out for Christmas, but who is taking bets?

Tis a Puzzlement: Just wondering. I eat so little, and vomit so much--how is it that so much can Come Out The Other Way?

These doctors don't have anyone to serve them with a writ of certioari. Makes you wonder at the trust we have in them.

Meanwhile, the new medicine is causative of misery. It makes me shake like a Parkinson's patient. (He warned me that might happen.) So, all in all, bleah.

Let's Go!: An ad in Sunset proclaims: There are 3,679,192 square miles to see in America. Hurry.

Rachel claims she doesn't want to see every one of them. I'm not so sure. However, there are many hundreds of square miles where if you've seen them once, you've seen them all. (We are talking about Nevada here.) I would like to see all the quadrants that have dinosaurs eroding out of them.

[Comments] (3) And Furthermore.....: Now this new medicine has given me a rash. An itchy rash. At first it was only my scalp, but now it's everywhere. Wurrrawurrawurra.


Sunday, Sunday: Church today was excellent. The Scouts just climbed Mt. Whitney, and we heard from the boys about lessons learned on the journey. Mainly, endure to the end. I hope I can endure to the end.

David Oman called me and I spent about an hour on the phone with him. Every so often it's very nice to catch up. He says Richard has had more heart trouble. I'm sorry to hear that.

This afternoon I went to get my temple recommend renewed. I was early, and I sat in the stake presidency's office for about a half hour reading old Ensign magazines. President Rodriguez did my interview. He didn't remember me from last time, but of course it was two years ago, and I am an inconspicuous sort. It was nice to visdit with him. He shared his thoughts regarding people who can't/don't learn English. He is unconvinced; he thinks anyone can learn it if they apply themselves. I still think it's a very very difficult language.

[Comments] (1) So Busy: I was very productive today. I went in to work and sniveled to Bill the Printer about why I didn't get my class packet in on time. He told me to shut up and go home and go back to bed where I belong. So I did, for a time. Then I went to see the Creative Memories lady (and forgot a bunch of what I went for), and afterward I went to Michaels and then to take the stickers I bought for Sherrie Lewis to her. Sadie went with me all these places and was very good. Then I did some scrapbook pages in my book and Leonard's and some genealogy.

I was talking to Juan the Gardener and I mentioned that someday I was going to have the yard under control. Yeah, sure, he said.

[Comments] (9) It's a Mess, I Tell You!: I had some patterns sitting on the dining room table, and this morning while I was still asleep, Sadie shredded them and spread the pieces throughout the house. When I got up, there she was happily bedded down in a nest of shredded pattern tissue. Arrrrrgh.

At Beverly's, where I went to buy more patterns, the lady said, "At least it wasn't money." What patterns cost nowadays, it might as well have been money.

[Comments] (1) A bit of philosophy from Wanda: Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "...holy shit...what a ride!"

[Comments] (3) The House is CLEAN!: I got up at 6:30 and started the sheets to wash and the bathroom rugs to dry. I did several other things to get ready for Irma too, like take out the trash. Irma got here about seven, and we cleaned and cleaned. I also went to the grocery store. I bought a chicken, which I have roasted, and some shrimp. Also an experimental steak. (To see if it stays down.) I've been doing pretty well on the eating so far. The rash has faded some but still itches. I suppose I should call the doctor and update him.

I was exhausted by the time Irma left. I forced myself to go to the bank to get money for Los Angeles, and I bought a new toner cartridge and gas and got my hair cut. It's only 11:20 a.m. and I've done a whole day's worth! After I take a nap, I will do Christmas sewing.

[Comments] (1) Japanese Food: Today I ran a lot of errands, including going to sears to get my glasses fixed. There was an article about a new Japanese restaurant in yesterday's Business section, so I went over to give it a try. It was really crowded! I had sunomono and was pleased to note that it was prepared with crab just as it is in Little Tokyo. It was garnished with thin slices of carrot cut into five-petal flowers. Then I had some tempura, which was very good, but a mistake to have eaten it.

An interesting aspect of this visit was seeing the clientele eat sushi. Here was a whole restaurant full of people who looked like they were from Bakersfield, chowing down on seaweed and raw fish, etc. And, this place doesn't have forks. All the fellows-- who look like oil workers-- were using chopsticks. We may not be a provincial as some of us have always suspected.

[Comments] (2) A Moment of Silence: Julia Child is dead at age 91. *standing with hand on heart* Hers was the first cookbook I bought myself. Actually, I got it for $1 from the Book of the Month Club Cooking and Crafts Club. My four selections were Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. I and II, a baking book, and James Beard's American Cookery,which is my favorite cookbook of all time.

I like to experiment with cooking and try new things, but I had a very long dry spell in my life while I was married to men who did NOT like new things. I also had three little picky kids. Well, I'm on my own now, and my kids are no longer picky, and I can cook a thing or two every now and then.

[Comments] (2) Smoothies: I had two wonderful smoothies yesterday. The first was one I made myself, containing bananna, frozen peaches, nonfat plain yogurt, and oranage juice. Accented with a little bit of nutmeg. I drank it on the way to Los Angeles yesterday.

On the way home from LA, I got a Jamba Juice. I'd never tried Lime It Up! before, but it sounded good. It's lime, mango, and strawberry, and really outstanding. I was going to put half of it in the freezer for today, but when I got home I couldn't find where I had set it down, so it sat out all night. (Actually, I had left it in the car, clueless me.) So today Gretel and I had to go for a ride to get me another one. Yum.

[Comments] (3) Hoboes:: I am making a Hobo in my oven instead of in a campfire. It consists of chicken breast, onion, mushroom, carrot, and fresh green beans. And Heinz 57 sauce. The Heinz sauce has gone up so much since the last bottle I bought that I'm just sure it's supporting the Kerry campaign. Or it better be.

I bought some snow peas (a small handful was only 21 cents) to do the other half of the chicken breast with a soy-ginger-garlic kind of arrangement tomorrow.

Weirdness Exits the Woodwork: I just found out how really strange some food hobbyists can be. Looking for recipes for penne, I found some goodies. Penne Pasta with Greens and Rutabaga. Penne Pasta with Cicada Sauce. Penne A La Vodka. I thought all the strangeness revolved around bow ties, but no! Penne wins! I wonder what it is about the shape that brings out the bizarre in people. (Freudian analysts need not respond.)

[Comments] (1) Gala: I am eating an apple from my tree--the very first one I have eaten. It is so much firmer and tastes so much better than the Gala variety from the store. This is the only apple I will have this year. The tree made more, but they ripened and fell and got ruined while I was sick. Gretel picked some to play with too.

[Comments] (4) Oh, Dear, Oh Dear, I Greatly Fear: . . . that I have just bought, from the Target clearance rack, the same pair of pants that I bought last spring and took back because they are too long. I realize the real solution would be to hem them up, but I don't WANNA! I'm tired of all that. I'm 52 years old and I'm not gonna hem any more pants. Back I go to Target, to get a refund of my lousy $4.39.

This was the East Hills Target. I went to visit my father-in-law (who is not looking good at all) and then dropped by Target to check their clearance rack. I had been to the one nearer home yesterday and the pickings were slim. I fell in love with some Hawaiian print Capri pants, but they didn't have the right size, so when I had to go over to the east side to visit Dalton, I dropped by Target to check. They had one pair. At least I hope they are my size; didn't try them on. They are pretty wild.

I also got a peach colored T-shirt to match the Capris, a geranium colored polo shirt (for $3.98) a black blouse, and some khaki linen pants. And the white pants of which I am now suspicious. Got some nice summer clothes for not much money; that's always a plus.

They did not have greeting card envelopes at Target, so I decided to go to the Office Max by BC, but I forgot until I was halfway home, so I went to the Office Depot on my side of town and bought a box of 100. It's one of my budgetary goals to not buy greeting cards because they've gotten so expensive. If I had been a nice person, I would have dropped by home and picked up Sadie and taken her with me to Office Depot, but I wasn't nice this time.

[Comments] (4) Pedal Pushers: I am wearing a new pair of Capri-length jeans. It feels fun! I haven't worn pants this length since I was a little girl. I expect I should, any minute now, wrap a Pucci scarf around my head and drive off in a 1958 Ford Galaxy.

[Comments] (2) Licorice Visitor: Xochitl came to visit me while I was pulling weeds this morning. It was nice to see her--she's all sleek and beautiful. I think she comes home and eats in the middle of the night; I know Lurine isn't feeding her because I asked her not to. Xochitl and I talked for a while, and then she went under the weeping salixto be in the jungle, just like Tonks does.

[Comments] (3) Where is My Universal Health Coverage?: So. Dr. Manu put me on some stomach medicine. It gave me a rash. He took me off. He wanted to try the non-generic version of the meds to see if it would work, so he called in a prescription. I went to pick it up today.

They wanted $50 for ten pills. Ten pills that will make me sick and make me shake uncontrollably all over. I told them no thanks. I'd rather go medicineless.

Fifty dollars to try for three days a medicine that I've already been proved to be allergic to in the generic version. A medicine that makes me miserable. How's that for taking your personal health care into your own hands?

Now I have to play phone tag with the doctor all next week, and tell him I'm not taking it. He's not going to be pleased, but oh well. The real non-funny is that there are four or five other medications in Europe that we could try if we were there, but here in the United States this one is the only one.

[Comments] (1) A New School Year: I only had one no-show from my class today, so I had to add four seats to accomodate the waitlist people who came. It makes for a very big class. If they all stay aboard, I will have to work very hard. They seem more immature and look younger ever year. After I met with my class I took the famous white linen pants back to Target, and then I came home and slept all afternoon. I can't do that tomorrow because I have to go to the dentist to get a new porcelain tooth. It's going to cost me a thousand bucks. yeow.

I made some vegetable soup, like the soup allowed in that 80s crash diet. It's good! I put so many vegetables in it, it's not all that soupy.

My pile of things to take to Utah is growing larger and larger. I am discussing with the Jackmans the possibility of their bringing my cooler full of medicine in their car instead of me trying to fly with it.

[Comments] (1) I Am Not A Wussy...: ...I sat and chanted mentally as the dentist drilled. Today's tooth had an even bigger hole, and problems in the teeth either side of it. I'm glad to have it fixed, but I had to put the dentist bill on my credit card. Sigh. A person just can't get caught up.

I'm packing to leave for Utah, fun stuff. Dreading the trip there and back, but being there will be fun.

[Comments] (1) Michael Moore: I think Mr. Moore would be taken more seriously if he cleaned up a little. I realize that his style of dressing is a political statment (one we all make, really), but it's doing him no favors among the conservatives. I also realize he doesn't want favors from the conservatives, but I still think he would be regarded as a professional if he would dress more like one. Is that "selling out"? I don't think so. It's the same matter as using correct grammar--we want to present ourselves in the most positive light possible.

[Comments] (3) Ready to Go: Gretel has gone to the puppy hotel, I'm packed, and Tom Jackman has come over to retrieve the cooler full of medicine, which is getting a ride to Utah with him. I am informed by my sister, however, that we have no baby yet. I suppose I should balance my checkbook before I go. And confirm arrangements with my ride to the Airport Bus.

[Comments] (2) Quickie Trip: I am back from Utah. I don't know if I will ever fly there again. It's such an ordeal to fly when you live in Bako. I spent 8 hours on the road on Thursday, flying, riding the Airport Bus, and waiting around and getting hassled by airport security. It took the Jackmans only 10 hours to drive there. They took my cooler full of IV essentials up in their van, which alleviated a HUGE hassle for me.

My brother Jonathan met me at the airport and we went to lunch at Spaghetti Factory with Laura. Then Laura took me home and I slept until Susie and John got off work. They picked me up and we went to John's parents for dinner. I couldn't eat much because I was full of Spaghetti Factory.

Friday was devoted to Kristen's labor and delivery. I slept a lot while Susie was at work, snoozing between cell phone updates of Kristen's progress. Little Lilly was born about the time Susie got off work, so we rushed over to see her. She is beautiful!!!! Poor Kristen was wiped. The baby had Aaron's big shoulders, and it was Not Fun. I took Susie and John to Red Lobster, and then we dropped in for a while at the home of Dane McNeil, someone I went to high school with and haven't seen in maybe 30 years. It was good to see him again.

Saturday morning we did a big family event at the temple and did work for all the aunts and uncles. It was nice being in the temple with everyone. Afterward, we went to eat Chinese food, and David Oman had brought a handful of letters that Mom had written to Aunt Margaret and Grandma. He read them aloud during the meal, and I brought them home to scan and put on CD for everyone. Then we went to the cemetery and visited our folks. Everyone else went to the hospital to see the baby, and Susie and I went home for a nap. That evening we went to visit Richard and Pam Oman and had a nice chat. I wish my yard looked like Richard's.

This morning I went to church with John and Susie and then to the airport for the ordeal of getting home. By the time I landed at LAX I knew I was going to be sick, but the line in the bathroom was long and I ended up throwing up into a wastebasket in the middle of the concourse. Embarassing, and a lot of people freaked, but they should get over it. I have. Rachel picked me up--out to dinner, home. Sadie was surely glad to see us.

All in all a nice trip, but I am certainly tired! I honestly think it would have been much less trouble to drive.

Nuffin' Much: Not a lot going on around here. It's 104 degrees, which sort of puts a crimp in it. My box of fall plants from Park's is still in the refrigerator, where I hope it thinks it is winter. My Tuesday/Thursday class is quite rowdy, and today Wanda had to come and close the classroom door.

Some of those girls have the most incredible endowment of boobs. I spend the whole class time worrying that they are going to come out of hiding. (They are not hidden very well.)

Yaaaaaaaahhhhh!: I read in the news that robbers have stolen the "Scream" painting from its museum in Oslo. I don't know what one would do with a painting that famous. Certainly it couldn't be sold to a dealer or museum.

One year we had a Scream Christmas. Everyone got a bunch of Scream stuff. We were feeling like it. Leonardw gave me a very nice framed reproduction. I use it to hang on top of the fusebox. That was our last Christmas with Roger. The next year we had The Unchristmas, when we left him.

Jabberwocky for 2004 August

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