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Tis a Puzzlement: Just wondering. I eat so little, and vomit so much--how is it that so much can Come Out The Other Way?

These doctors don't have anyone to serve them with a writ of certioari. Makes you wonder at the trust we have in them.

Meanwhile, the new medicine is causative of misery. It makes me shake like a Parkinson's patient. (He warned me that might happen.) So, all in all, bleah.

Let's Go!: An ad in Sunset proclaims: There are 3,679,192 square miles to see in America. Hurry.

Rachel claims she doesn't want to see every one of them. I'm not so sure. However, there are many hundreds of square miles where if you've seen them once, you've seen them all. (We are talking about Nevada here.) I would like to see all the quadrants that have dinosaurs eroding out of them.

[Comments] (3) And Furthermore.....: Now this new medicine has given me a rash. An itchy rash. At first it was only my scalp, but now it's everywhere. Wurrrawurrawurra.



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