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[Comments] (2) A Moment of Silence: Julia Child is dead at age 91. *standing with hand on heart* Hers was the first cookbook I bought myself. Actually, I got it for $1 from the Book of the Month Club Cooking and Crafts Club. My four selections were Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Vol. I and II, a baking book, and James Beard's American Cookery,which is my favorite cookbook of all time.

I like to experiment with cooking and try new things, but I had a very long dry spell in my life while I was married to men who did NOT like new things. I also had three little picky kids. Well, I'm on my own now, and my kids are no longer picky, and I can cook a thing or two every now and then.

[Comments] (2) Smoothies: I had two wonderful smoothies yesterday. The first was one I made myself, containing bananna, frozen peaches, nonfat plain yogurt, and oranage juice. Accented with a little bit of nutmeg. I drank it on the way to Los Angeles yesterday.

On the way home from LA, I got a Jamba Juice. I'd never tried Lime It Up! before, but it sounded good. It's lime, mango, and strawberry, and really outstanding. I was going to put half of it in the freezer for today, but when I got home I couldn't find where I had set it down, so it sat out all night. (Actually, I had left it in the car, clueless me.) So today Gretel and I had to go for a ride to get me another one. Yum.


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