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[Comments] (4) Oh, Dear, Oh Dear, I Greatly Fear: . . . that I have just bought, from the Target clearance rack, the same pair of pants that I bought last spring and took back because they are too long. I realize the real solution would be to hem them up, but I don't WANNA! I'm tired of all that. I'm 52 years old and I'm not gonna hem any more pants. Back I go to Target, to get a refund of my lousy $4.39.

This was the East Hills Target. I went to visit my father-in-law (who is not looking good at all) and then dropped by Target to check their clearance rack. I had been to the one nearer home yesterday and the pickings were slim. I fell in love with some Hawaiian print Capri pants, but they didn't have the right size, so when I had to go over to the east side to visit Dalton, I dropped by Target to check. They had one pair. At least I hope they are my size; didn't try them on. They are pretty wild.

I also got a peach colored T-shirt to match the Capris, a geranium colored polo shirt (for $3.98) a black blouse, and some khaki linen pants. And the white pants of which I am now suspicious. Got some nice summer clothes for not much money; that's always a plus.

They did not have greeting card envelopes at Target, so I decided to go to the Office Max by BC, but I forgot until I was halfway home, so I went to the Office Depot on my side of town and bought a box of 100. It's one of my budgetary goals to not buy greeting cards because they've gotten so expensive. If I had been a nice person, I would have dropped by home and picked up Sadie and taken her with me to Office Depot, but I wasn't nice this time.

[Comments] (4) Pedal Pushers: I am wearing a new pair of Capri-length jeans. It feels fun! I haven't worn pants this length since I was a little girl. I expect I should, any minute now, wrap a Pucci scarf around my head and drive off in a 1958 Ford Galaxy.


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