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[Comments] (3) Where is My Universal Health Coverage?: So. Dr. Manu put me on some stomach medicine. It gave me a rash. He took me off. He wanted to try the non-generic version of the meds to see if it would work, so he called in a prescription. I went to pick it up today.

They wanted $50 for ten pills. Ten pills that will make me sick and make me shake uncontrollably all over. I told them no thanks. I'd rather go medicineless.

Fifty dollars to try for three days a medicine that I've already been proved to be allergic to in the generic version. A medicine that makes me miserable. How's that for taking your personal health care into your own hands?

Now I have to play phone tag with the doctor all next week, and tell him I'm not taking it. He's not going to be pleased, but oh well. The real non-funny is that there are four or five other medications in Europe that we could try if we were there, but here in the United States this one is the only one.


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