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Nuffin' Much: Not a lot going on around here. It's 104 degrees, which sort of puts a crimp in it. My box of fall plants from Park's is still in the refrigerator, where I hope it thinks it is winter. My Tuesday/Thursday class is quite rowdy, and today Wanda had to come and close the classroom door.

Some of those girls have the most incredible endowment of boobs. I spend the whole class time worrying that they are going to come out of hiding. (They are not hidden very well.)

Yaaaaaaaahhhhh!: I read in the news that robbers have stolen the "Scream" painting from its museum in Oslo. I don't know what one would do with a painting that famous. Certainly it couldn't be sold to a dealer or museum.

One year we had a Scream Christmas. Everyone got a bunch of Scream stuff. We were feeling like it. Leonardw gave me a very nice framed reproduction. I use it to hang on top of the fusebox. That was our last Christmas with Roger. The next year we had The Unchristmas, when we left him.


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