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There is No Free Overcoat: Well, I found out that milk doesn't coat your stomach and protect it. Milk goes down the pipe and congeals into a hard little clot. Bleah.

It's Fall!: Such beautiful weather! I just love it. Gretel and I went to the park this morning to take pictures of our ward playing Fifth Ward for stake softball. We had a really nice time. I came home and napped because I was done in from walking through the park. Then I made dinner and worked in the yard. My Irises came from Park's yesterday, so I planted them in the front--I hope correctly this time! Then I pulled weeds until I found the other ant's nest. The hard way.

If only I could work in the garden an hour a day, it would get to looking like something.

Rachel and I should be out in the garage pricing yard sale stuff, but she is working and I'm too tired. I guess I'll do a few lines of genealogy.


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