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[Comments] (4) Atomic Fire Belly Burner: Last night the medicines stayed down for the first time, but what that means is they ate a hole through my midsection all night. By morning I was exhausted. I went to work, but the campus was closed because of a broken water main, and nobody was there. Whee! I went to Albertson's and got a few groceries for me and Rachel and a Booda Bone for Sadie, and now I'm going to go back to bed.


Posted by Marianne at Mon Sep 27 2004 16:21

Don't you just hate those unnecessary trips? Or, don't you just love it when something is cancelled unexpectedly and you get free time? So very sorry about the misery ... just too much for one person to have to endure.

Posted by rachel at Mon Sep 27 2004 23:25

I offered to take le pills for mommy but sadly that is not an option...

Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 28 2004 14:40

Did you guys feel the earthquake this morning?

Posted by Frances at Tue Sep 28 2004 17:05

I didn't, but Rachel did.

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