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[Comments] (2) Shake and Roll: I didn't feel the earthquake today, *sobs*. I was sitting at my desk doing--probably nothing-- but I am on the third floor and the building moves a little bit all the time.

The garage sale sorting is going mighty slowly. It's hard to get anything done when you have to sleep as much as I do.

Rachel and I went out to Peking Palace for dinner because yesterday was "Eat Dinner With Your Family Day", but yesterday she couldn't go because she had rehearsal for the improv team. Why does that sound like a contradiction in terms? We couldn't eat it all, so there is plenty of lunch.


Posted by Susie at Wed Sep 29 2004 07:23

That reminds me of having class in the Harvey Auditorium and feeling the building move anytime a train went by.

Posted by Rachel at Wed Sep 29 2004 15:04


You didn't hug me goodbye this morning! Wah and I was still asleep.

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