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: Today started out very slowly. I put on my dress. It was backwards. I took it off, turned it around, put it on again. It was still backwards. yesindeedydoo, a slow morning. Made slower by the fact that I have to wrestle with tubes when changing clothes. I wonder, if I had worn my dress backwards to church, would anyone have noticed? Would they have said anything?

Probably I've been backwards all these years and nobody has thought to remind me.

: I picked up a Charlotte Bronte novel I had never read before--had barely heard of. Shirley. In the first few pages, Bronte warns us not to expect a love story, and we don't get one--it's about workers in woolen mills, the villages, the mill owners, and the Industrial Revolution. I wonder why it's not more widely taught?

I think if I were one of the people who teach Eng. 1A I might use something like this for one of the novels and do a semester on social responsibility.

[Comments] (2) : Molly Ivins is one of my heroes.


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