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[Comments] (2) : I pulled a bunch of weeds, but there are still many more to go, if anyone feels like coming to help me.

This afternoon I'm going to experimentally try going to a movie by myself. I've tried going out to eat and to the fair. The going out to eat alone is no fun at all, but I did okay at the county fair, so maybe a movie... we shall see. I think I will go to watch Calendar Girls .

[Comments] (3) : Back from the movies. I enjoyed it, even by myself. I didn't buy Coke or popcorn or anything because I am trying to save money. I did find a bagette of Southwest Airlines peanuts in my jacket pocket. There were only old couples at the cheap matinee, and one pair of older ladies.

So I think I'll go more often, without relying on a friend to go with me. I can get three movies out of the gift certificates Susie and John gave me for Christmas. What a brilliant gift!

The ladies' church group in the movie was sooooo much like Enrichment Night!


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