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[Comments] (1) : I explored the possibility of having Gretel take doggie Prozac with Dr. Reno. He says it's expensive and doesn't always work and she will grow out of the anxious behavior. Someday. Eventually. We hope.

The anxious behavior was at its peak this morning because she got left at the vet to have a bath and her nails clipped. Poor Baby. The cats have been worried this morning too. Xochitl keeps crying and I don't know what she wants. I was wondering if there was an earthquake, but the nearest one today was in Coso Junction. I'm on the alert.

: More Round Tuits: Today I weeded out all my bookcases and took a laundry basket full of books to the donation box for Friends of the Library. All the shelves are nice and loose now. The trick here is every book I took over there is probably a book I would have bought at a used book sale if I saw it there! I better stay away from the book sale (starts tomorrow) or I just might buy some of them back! (and don't think THAT hasn't happened to me, because it has!)


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