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[Comments] (1) : The first day of the new semester went well for me. I had thundering herds trying to add my 8 a.m. class. I added everyone who talked to me last November, and I think I will have a little raffle for three more places. That would give me a HUGE class, but I only had three no-shows. I dropped them immediately after class. One of them I didn't want anyway, having had him twice before. He never comes to class, and never listens when he does, and half the time he has disappeared and come to find out they took him to jail.

My 11 a.m. class has a lot of people in it too, most of whom are quite clueless. I signed an add slip for Mercedes, who works in the office at Chipman. I thought she looked very familiar when she walked in the door, but it took me about an hour to place her face in my mental file. I am glad to see she is coming to college and trying to make some progress in life.

There is also someone in the class named something like Moxisijsuy Vakrheyenenayask. She barely speaks English and only at a whisper.

Mark Handy's brother, Matt, is taking my English 60 class. He is a fireman taking college units on his days off. Some other teacher--I don't know who-- refused to add Matt because she said "You firemen are only here for salary advancement, not to learn." Hellooooo? Isn't that why everyone goes to college? Anyhow, I cannot imagine anyone who would take a composition class voluntarily to "learn". Except maybe the people who cut and burn their arms and the people like to be whipped by their sex partners and the people who drive British sports cars.


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