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[Comments] (3) : I gave up on trying to call the phone number to update my Norton Anti-Virus subscription. That line has been busy for months! I went to CompUSA and bought a new Norton, 2004 version. There was a rebate for TurboTax in it, so I got it. In the TurboTax there was a rebate for TurboTax California, and also a rebate for Quicken 2004. I installed the Quicken, praying meanwhile for my data files from the old version. It converted them nicely. I don't know if I like the new software, however. It seems very "busy" visually.

I haven't installed the TurboTax yet.

It's raining here. Poor Gretel doesn't want to go out in it to pee. Last time it rained she held it for 15 hours.

A group of obnoxious parents is trying to ban Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye from high school classrooms in this district. I have signed a petition against their petition. The pro-book petition was written by Gloria Dumler. I was trying to think of who I know (Kern County residents) that would agree with me and sign the petition, and I could only come up with Jeannette and Rachel. Most of the people at church violently disagree with me on many political issues, so I just don't pursue any arguments with them. So I circulated the petition to Jeannette and Rachel and hope they know other people. The BC English Department wants everyone to go down to the KHSD board meeting and make a showing, but I am tired. I'm trying to do less, not more. I would just love to go to jail for picketing over a First Amendment issue, but not today, thank you.

I feel really irritated about the way these born-agains think they can dictate the curriculum that is taught to my child-- and that I teach in my classroom. Let them do their little homeschool thing if they want, and keep their religion and "values" and "morals" out of my classroom and away from my kid.


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