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[Comments] (4) : Dr. Amin said he presented my case at a conference for infectious disease specialits in San Francisco in December and the doctors there couldn't believe I'm still alive. But I still am. Viral load through the roof, and only one T-Cell, but I got out of bed this morning!

I hope it argues something for not being a wimp.

Getting ready to start more genealogy. There are five more pages of B surnames.

: Bleary eyed and stiff, I made it through checking and merging the Byzantine Empire, and am now working on a bunch of Welsh names that start with the letter C. Coming up, someone I would like to know more about: Anna Cakebread.

I had to go over to the church and download a some more files tonight because there was a hole in one of the lines. Turns out it was a B-I-G hole--about a thousand people.


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