Jabberwocky for 2004 January 8 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (4) : Dr. Amin said he presented my case at a conference for infectious disease specialits in San Francisco in December and the doctors there couldn't believe I'm still alive. But I still am. Viral load through the roof, and only one T-Cell, but I got out of bed this morning!

I hope it argues something for not being a wimp.

Getting ready to start more genealogy. There are five more pages of B surnames.


Posted by Alyson at Thu Jan 08 2004 17:23

Never, ever, EVER a wimp. You are amazing, Frances, and I love you.

Posted by John at Thu Jan 08 2004 20:54

I agree. You are the antithesis of a wimp in my book!

Posted by Susie at Fri Jan 09 2004 08:10

Yay for not being a wimp!

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jan 09 2004 12:05

I didn't know you were that sick on vacation when I read you couldn't go into headquarters at Leonard's. I had seem you a couple days before and by your attitude you are pretty good at hiding it. You should be complaining more than me about feeling sick. I am a wimp though, and you are not.


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