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[Comments] (1) Slow Sunday: I was miserable at church, spent a lot of the meeting huddled on the bathroom floor, came home and went back to bed. I had made a roast in the crockpot so Rachel and I could have dinner. It turned out good, and Gretel had the rest of mine. It didn't stay down. I went to visit the Jackmans for a little while to get my cooler back and to take Leonard's old calculator for Tom's use. We couldn't sell the calculator at the garage sale because people didn't seem to understand it, but the Jackmans were thrilled. (I don't understand it either.)

Doris is making a big old fashioned quilt, all by hand by hand.

I told myself I am not allowed to spend all my time in bed, so I did hours worth of genealogy. I checked two pages worth of names, including all the Russian and Polish royalty who have Kiev for a surname. You can't even get your tonsils around some of the names.


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