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[Comments] (1) Today.: Work. Then Rachel and I went to Beverly's and bought interfacing and a pattern for the robe she wants to make, and we went to CLS Pets and bought Eukanuba dog food. We use that brand anyway, but we were especially sure to get it this time because someone sent us a forward to boycott Proctor and Gamble products because of the company's support of gay rights. No, I have not looked on Snopes to see if it is just a rumor!

Tonight I went to a farewell dinner in honor of Kyle Jones, who is going into the Marines. We are all putting a brave face on it, but this is a scary time to join the military. I hope by the time he is finished with boot camp the person who wants to send him to Iraq is not in office anymore.

Larry and Kim Cornett (Kyle's parents)are going ton a Mediterranean cruise as soon as Kyle leaves. I hope they have a wonderful time. In the meantime, I will stay here in Bakersfield and faint and vomit and all the other unpleasantness my life entails. Does it sound like I'm feeling just a wee bit sorry for myself? Well, I am. After a month of living like I have been on this new drug cocktail, you can hardly call it living. Will I EVER see Italy?


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