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[Comments] (2) Dr. Visit: I went to Dr. Amin today and he said stop taking the new medicine. It's not doing any good; my viral load is way up, hemoglobin is down (almost to transfusion point) and it's making me miserable. (I knew that!) I have to go back in two weeks to see if I need a blood transfusion. My appointment is the same day as the Stake blood drive. How do you like that?

P.S. The Stake blood drive is called "Prick or Treat." Who thinks up these things?

[Comments] (7) HOt Hot Hot: I made my chili tonight for the ward Chili Cookoff. It's going to simmer in the crock pot for 24 hours. This is the first year I've really entered to try to win. The year I was in charge of the Cookoff, I was worried that there wouldn't be enough food, so I bought a big #10 can at Smart & Final, emptied it out into the crock pot, and took it over. It won second place. I wouldn't admit it was mine.

The chili smells like heaven already. I made it according to the way Midge Ladd, who has a reputation as a good cook around work, told me. Mix cans of beans (I used pinto, kidney, and canolli) with the bean juice, except for not the kidney bean juice because it is slimy. Brown hamburger and onion. I used the special chili meat from Green Frog Market and two onions and four cloves of garlic. Add one bottle Pace Picante Sauce and a packet of chili seasoning. I like the expensive chili seasoning that comes in a little paper bag. Boy has the price gone up since the last time I made chili.

I've never made chili with canned beans before; it feels like cheating, but Grandma Mary does it and she is the best cook I have ever known. The pot is really pretty with the mixture of purple, pink, and white beans. We shall see how it does in the contest.

Last year I was so busy running the apple bobbing I didn't even have time to eat any chili.


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