Jabberwocky for 2004 October 14 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (2) Dr. Visit: I went to Dr. Amin today and he said stop taking the new medicine. It's not doing any good; my viral load is way up, hemoglobin is down (almost to transfusion point) and it's making me miserable. (I knew that!) I have to go back in two weeks to see if I need a blood transfusion. My appointment is the same day as the Stake blood drive. How do you like that?

P.S. The Stake blood drive is called "Prick or Treat." Who thinks up these things?


Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 14 2004 15:40

That is SICK! Besides, who wouldn't take the treat with those options?

Posted by Frances at Thu Oct 14 2004 15:58

Actually, they are serving supper to the people who donate blood and having kid games, so it should be a nice activity. But Prick or Treat?

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