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[Comments] (3) Jesus Evaluates His Misguided Followers: I can just see the scene in the afterlife where Jesus comes face to face with the street-corner evangelicals. "What on earth were you guys THINKING?"

Little Licorice Kitty: Xochitl appears to have come back home. Sort of. She spends a lot of time in the front and side yards. The current hideout is under the Mexican sage, which is blooming wildly with its fall purpleness. Except when when sprinklers come on. Xochitl doesn't like that. She comes in and eats quite late in the evening, and she sleeps on a chair in the living room, from whence she is gone before dawn.

About a week ago she came and slept in bed with me, but it's never happened again.

[Comments] (4) Peaceable Healer: Every afternoon when I take my nap, Tonks curls up and cuddles with me and purrs. Some days he even puts his paw gently to my face. I think he knows I'm sick and miserable and he is doing the best he can to alleviate that through kittylove.

Sometimes he sleeps with his tummy up when he is with me in bed, which they say is the ultimate expression of trust in a cat or a dog. You won't find Jellybean or Xochitl in that position.

[Comments] (2) We Ain't Got The Money Fur The Mo'gage on The Farm!: I wore my overalls to the chili cookoff. It's fun to wear them. I wish I had a straw hat too. My chili won the Wow Stand Up and Take Notice award because it was unique. Said the judge. I think it is too salty and I don't like it, but I can never tell if something is really too salty or too anything anymore so what do I know. I'll ask Rachel tomorrow. If it is too salty, it's the fault of either the Pace or the seasoning packet, which didn't have salt separate like some of them do. I don't think I'll make that recipe again. I prefer a more tomato-y chili. The one I had was pretty good--I smelled them all first before I took some. I ate a few bites of pumpkin pie too, which tasted lovely, but was not so good when I threw it up. It was a fun activity.


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