Jabberwocky for 2004 October 15 (entry 2)

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[Comments] (4) Peaceable Healer: Every afternoon when I take my nap, Tonks curls up and cuddles with me and purrs. Some days he even puts his paw gently to my face. I think he knows I'm sick and miserable and he is doing the best he can to alleviate that through kittylove.

Sometimes he sleeps with his tummy up when he is with me in bed, which they say is the ultimate expression of trust in a cat or a dog. You won't find Jellybean or Xochitl in that position.


Posted by rachel at Fri Oct 15 2004 20:09

my kitty!!!

Posted by Marianne Morse at Sat Oct 16 2004 07:59

Tonks sounds like a great companion. I snuggle up to Ian and at 19 months he is a doll but instead of a gentle paw on the face I get kicked in the nose or head-butted if I sleep too long.

Posted by Susie at Sat Oct 16 2004 10:57

Jelly sleeps like that sometimes! Danny used to do that paw-on-the-face thing, but it wasn't always so gentle.

Posted by Ann Marie at Sun Oct 17 2004 08:49

Love your family web-site.Aren't animals wonderful...they seem to know when we don't feel well.If it's not too personal...may I ask what illness you carry?As always,I wish you and yours the vey best and hope things improve on the homefront.MUCH LOVE

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