Jabberwocky for 2004 October 15 (entry 3)

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[Comments] (2) We Ain't Got The Money Fur The Mo'gage on The Farm!: I wore my overalls to the chili cookoff. It's fun to wear them. I wish I had a straw hat too. My chili won the Wow Stand Up and Take Notice award because it was unique. Said the judge. I think it is too salty and I don't like it, but I can never tell if something is really too salty or too anything anymore so what do I know. I'll ask Rachel tomorrow. If it is too salty, it's the fault of either the Pace or the seasoning packet, which didn't have salt separate like some of them do. I don't think I'll make that recipe again. I prefer a more tomato-y chili. The one I had was pretty good--I smelled them all first before I took some. I ate a few bites of pumpkin pie too, which tasted lovely, but was not so good when I threw it up. It was a fun activity.


Posted by David Matkin at Sat Oct 16 2004 20:03

One of the kids stuck his finger into a pumpkin pie at the grocery store yesterday. Alyson bought the pie. Come to find out it was sugar free and the sweetener was horrible. I had a small piece and was tasting this aweful chemically sweet taste for the rest of the night. It even stood up to Tom's of Maine's Cinnamint, which is powerful stuff.

Posted by Frances at Sun Oct 17 2004 12:37

I don't believe in artificial sweeteners. If you're gonna treat yourself to somethins sweet, just do it! Who thinks up these things?

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