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Prying Oxen Out of the Mire: I went to church today and Kim Davis gave her goodbye talk. She is going to Montana on a mission. I had a very nice talk with Linda Urmston while I was ditching Sunday School. Then Tonks and I slept for a while after church.

I planted my Dutch iris bulbs, and Rachel and I rearranged and put the kitchen back the way it belongs. I moved my sewing into Susie's room, where there is going to be a permanent sewing room. I don't do so well unless I have a permanent sewing room, I have discovered. Rachel is doing the laundry--including mine!!! and she started the dishwasher running, so it may appear we are making some progress. We're still in a mess but hey.

I guess I'll do a little bit of genealogy while I am resting here.


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