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[Comments] (5) Mixup: The UPS man knocked on my door just now, delivering a box from Jackson & Perkins. I have been waiting for a half dozen viola plants "Irish Molly." I opened the box and though "Those sure are funny looking viola plants." Turned out I had a dozen English lavender, meant to be shipped to someone named Karen in Wyoming. Who is probably waiting frantically, poor girl, to get her plants in before the snow gets deep.

I called J&P and the customer service boy was very polite. I get to keep the lavender, he is sending out six more violas, and I complained that my last shipment contained a pot of dirt instead of dianthus, so he is sending another of those.

I hope English lavender grows here. I grew French lavender when we lived out in the country, and it got out of control.


Posted by Rachel at Wed Oct 20 2004 20:28

I love english lavender!

Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 21 2004 07:29

I hope he is sending Karen some more English Lavender.

Posted by Frances at Thu Oct 21 2004 09:35

He is.

Posted by anonymous at Thu Oct 21 2004 17:58

Jackson and Perkins sound like confused people.

Posted by Frances at Thu Oct 21 2004 18:11

I'm never going to order from them again. Most of what I ordered DNS. I wouldn't have ordered this time, but I had a sizeable gift certificate. I can buy anything the catalogs carry at White Forest Nursery, healthier and in a bigger pot, for less and no shipping charges!

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