Jabberwocky for 2004 October 22 (entry 0)

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[Comments] (3) Year Round Gardening: I worked in the yard this afternoon until I couldn't work anymore. (A little over an hour.) I planted my new daffodils and half of the English lavender. I took the other six plants over to Jill Langley. I trimmed and weeded. The Bermuda grass under the redwood trees is Out of Control. I'll try to do more tomorrow morning, but this morning it was too cold to go out. The eggplant is looking really beautiful because it has enjoyed the rain. The zucchini is looking really bad.


Posted by Marianne at Fri Oct 22 2004 20:25

I tried a little trimming and weeding today, too. But it was in my classroom and I was tired of it before I started. Those little devils drive me crazy sometimes.

Posted by Frances at Fri Oct 22 2004 20:29

I'm sorry--I was worried that this would be a hard adjustment for you. I sort of miss the little snots.

Posted by anonymous at Fri Oct 22 2004 20:34

Yes, it is hard for me. The Bermuda grass in my classroom is out of control some days, too. The landscape is foreign, the equipment unfamiliar, and the customs and language are too rigid. Ah for the wild country with its own rules and reason for existing and few fences.

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