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[Comments] (4) Termination: Today I gave my students a practice writing proficiency. I told the students that if I found run-on sentences when I graded these papers, I would have to kill them.

You write run-on sentences. You are not worthy of being assimilated into the collective. You must be terminated.

Debbie Cantrell claims that if she has to read "I seen" instead of "I saw" in one more paper, she is going to scream.

Perhaps we have become less patient in our old age. I just know I have been explaining this stuff for twenty years, so why haven't they gotten it yet?????


Posted by Rachel at Mon Oct 25 2004 15:35

*small voice* I think that maybe you have been teaching different kids each semester (or at least somewhat different kids...)

*writes a run-on sentence*

Posted by Susie at Mon Oct 25 2004 16:30

I love run-on sentences! Especially with parentheses.

Posted by Frances at Mon Oct 25 2004 17:52

If they have parenthesis, they are not run-on.

Posted by John at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:40

I wouldn't be too surprised to find that a handful of mom's kids have been there all along.

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