Jabberwocky for 2004 October 25 (entry 1)

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[Comments] (6) The Moist Rich Aroma of Mother Earth: Before I left this morning, I asked Rachel if she would be home to unload compost when I got here with it. It was buy three, get one free at White Forest Nursery, so I went after work. She said maybe not, but she would unload it for me, just leave it in the car.

Bat guano and worm castings in the afternoon sun, how lovely. I did drag some of the bales out myself, as many as I could.

I planted everything I bought at the nursery except the two flats of wooly thyme--some herbs, various flowers. Also I planted the babies from J&P which have been taking up room on the kitchen counter. I pulled a few weeds. I figure if I can just get out there some every day, the yard and I will both be better for it.


Posted by Joe at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:38

Hey,.. I also wrote about moist earth today. There's an abundance of earthly blogs today!

Posted by John at Mon Oct 25 2004 20:42

Hearing all your gardening tales give me solace that I won't be a homeowner (with all the incumbent responsbilities) in Southern California anytime soon. It sounds so exhausting. There is an upside to renting.

Posted by anonymous at Mon Oct 25 2004 21:23

gosh what a slacker your daughter is!!!

Posted by Frances at Tue Oct 26 2004 13:52

Not so. She came home and unloaded all the bales of compost.

The car still smells like bat guano though. Every time I have to haul something like this I regret selling the little red truck.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Oct 26 2004 16:48

Poor Rach, I don't know why they pick on you.

Posted by Rachel at Tue Oct 26 2004 19:47

That was actually me, satirizing those who pick on me. (We did ban the random person posting all those mean things on my blog...)

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