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[Comments] (3) I Shopped; I Didn't Drop: I ventured out into the commercial world today for the first time in forever. I went to Home Depot to buy a baby gate to keep Sadie out of the living room, some bungees so I can take the table to San Francisco at Thanksgiving, and some lock lubricant for the front door. I also bought when I was there three potted chrysanthemums and a "Tuscan" rosemary bush. I looked and looked for the lock lubricant--astoundingly, it wasn't with the locks-- and I found WD-40 and 3-in-1 Oil, both of which I have heard you shouldn't use in locks. Finally I found the graphite lubricant by the checkout.

If I have not gone on record before that I HATE the self-checkout at Home Depot, let me do so now. I guess everyone else must hate it too because I stood in a really long line to get checked out by the only human cashier on duty.

They didn't have a wide enough baby gate there so I went to Babies R Us. I am really glad I don't have to have all that gear in my house anymore.

Holiday outfits for babies have sunk to a new low with the advent of red velveteen dresses with white fake fur trim, accessorized with a Santa hat.

I also went to White Forest Nursery (I took Sadie for the ride) and got 27 six-packs of flowers. The yard is going to look really good. I got about half of them planted before it got dark tonight.

At dusk, I harvested the last of the basil and made pesto. It was a little pale since the basil plant was looking peaked and going to seed. I also trashed the zucchini--no more vegetable! The eggplant looks like it is still going strong, however. It even has eggplants on it. I don't know if they are any good.

Political Involvement: Today I called my friend Terry in Arizona to make sure he was going to vote properly. Everyone else that I know in Arizona is not exactly a swing voter, but I wanted to check up on Terry. When we were in college, he was the type to vote straight Republican and "NO!", but life has brought him a few lumps and given him a reality check, so he's down with the people now after all these years. We agreed that the incumbent is a delusional megalomaniac.

I tend to automatically distrust people who think God talks to them. I know there are folks like President Hinckley who have had that privilege, and never, ever, ever do they discuss the procedure. It's too personal an experience. I think Mr. Bush is using God for political advantage.

There was a lady we knew in Los Angeles who was told by God that she was pregnant. It was going to be a boy, named John after John the Baptist, born on a certain date. (No symptoms, dr. did not agree with God.) The date came and went without an appearance by John. She wore baggy clothes and laid in supplies for eleven months, and then God told her it was only a test. She confided this news to me. "It was a test."

"Oh." I said. "Did you pass?"


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