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Oops: I thought the label on the little Tuscan rosemary bush I bought said it grows 8 to 12". Now I see it says 8 to 12'. What a difference a little bitty apostrophe makes.

[Comments] (7) Samhain: I love Halloween! It's not quite as fun, however, if you don't have little kids. I'm not dressing up this year because it's Sunday and I have nowhere to go. Next year, if the creek don't rise, I can dress up for work. I was going to go to the Trunk or Treat at the church on Wednesday, but by the time I was through being sick that evening it was almost over so I stayed home.

I don't have a pumpkin either, no little kids to carve it with. But I have put lights in my little ceramic haunted house and ceramic jack-o-lantern. I made both of these years and years ago. I put them on a plant stand in front of the living room opening, so they can be seen when I answer the door. Gretel always enjoys waiting on the trick-or-treaters, but I think Sadie is going to have to spend the evening in her box.

I did try to sell the haunted house and pumpkin at my garage sale but nobody was buying. They did buy a bunch of Halloween stuff, but not that. Man, I have so many t-h-i-n-g-s.

Accomplishment: I finally finished reading Bill Clinton's autobiography in between trick or treaters. That Newsweek critic who said nobody would make it through the whole thing was wrong! I've been on hiatus from the book the last few months because I can't read heavy stuff when I am sick. Too few brain cells on duty I guess. However, I enjoyed Clinton's book and I learned a lot about how a President spends his time.

Contrary to popular belief, he DOES apologize for the Monica thing in this book.


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