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[Comments] (5) Jingle: We rolled all the coins and I am taking them to put in my poor savings account. I kept the currency out--two months of paying Irma, one month of paying Juan, haircuts for Sadie and me, and an envelope full of tens to partly pay Irma with in December. I sure hope they don't make me unroll all the coins. I'm going to the credit union this time. Last time I rolled a bunch of change they made me undo it, but I think it was at Vons.

I haven't been to Vons since the strike. I like our local independent,Youngs, I like Green Frog for their beef, and I really like our new Albertson's. Albertsons has a partnership going with Savon, so there is a drugstore right in the grocery store, which is handy for me if I need cough syrup or something. The local independent and Green Frog don't reliably carry a selection of toiletries and OTC meds. Or film. For prescriptions I still have to go to Walgreen's because of my insurance, but I can drive through, and mostly I get meds mail order anyhow.

Tomorrow. Midweek. I wish it were the end.


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