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[Comments] (4) Swoop: The vulture migration is back! Every fall I look forward to it. These are not the big scary redheaded buzzards; they are little and all black. I sat for a while and watched them this morning. It's funny, I've never noticed them coming back this way in the spring. Maybe they fly a triangular route.

Today there were some crows flying along with them. Wannabees!

Planting a Nursery: I got my plants from Jackson & Perkins, the ones I ordered with the gift certificate the Mollies gave me. I was going to put them out in the yard today, but they seem so small and bereft and helpless. A couple of weeks ago I set out the three galliardia they sent me, which came early, and only one of them is still living. So I think I will pot them up and keep them in the kitchen until they look more robust. It's going to be a pain, but plants are expensive.

This J&P adventure had convinced me it's better to just go to White Forest Nursery and buy the plant, which will be five times the size and healthy, for the same price.

Parks has shipped my daffodils and Dutch iris.

[Comments] (3) OoooooKKKKKKK.....: I started checking the K surnames. There are only seven pages of them. I did one page plus tonight. I found two really bad mistakes--one person married to her grandson, and one person married to someone who died at age 9 months. The parents had another little girl later, named her Hannah after the dead one, and this is the one the guy should be married to.

I know how easy it is to make a mistake with this stuff, but let's get it together here, folks, and not perpetuate the errors.

The next time someone pipes up in Sunday School and brags that their genealogy is all done because great-aunt so and so did it all, I'm going to say something. My great-aunt Anne did it all too, and I've found a lot of places where she messed up. (Great-aunt Eleanor didn't though--she was picky like me. In fact, she may be the one who taught me to be picky. I remember her making me rip out a facing and do it over.)

NB to Atticus, Lily, and Samuel: Just because great-aunt Frances is doing all this checking doesn't mean you are off the hook. I've probably made mistakes too, and I don't know if I'll live to get through the Z surnames. Plus, I'm only working on your maternal line, so your father's line is up to you!

Caution to All: When I checked through Uncle Carl's genealogy, which he "did", I found 174 forgotten people whose temple work hadn't been done. Would you like to be them, waiting and waiting?


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