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Shower: Rachel and I went to a baby shower for Shannon that was held in the tackiest house I've ever been in. I kid you not. The pool was black asphalt with gold sparkles in it and an I Love Lucy mosaic on the bottom of the shallow end. Furniture was unspeakable. In the middle of lunch, I was very sick in a powder room that was completely painted faux, even the ceiling. People with money can be so much tackier than people without. Rachel and I thought ours was the cutest gift there--a little denim cowboy dress with horsie appliques and little suede cowboy booties.

We came home early and I was sick, sick, sicker, but Amanda came over and that cheered me up.

Supposedly if I'm able to take the new drug cocktail, I will live longer, but days like today I think I've lived long enough. Pooh to the stomach volcano!


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