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[Comments] (4) I Cultivated My Garden: This morning it was cold and Gretel and Tonks and I went back to bed. Then, when I got up, Gretel and I went for a ride in the car, to the bank and gas station, and then to Carls Jr. for a happy meal for her and a Famous Star for me. (It stayed down a whole two hours.) I worked in the yard until time for my appointment with Dr. Freeman.

Dr. Amin's office called and said they had a handful of flu shots, so I got one when I went for my appointment with Dr. Freeman. Dr. Freeman said I have wazzitblepharoadoodlesaurus, and hot compresses and a prescription. And no eye makeup.

After the doctor there was time to run over to White Forest Nursery, and I picked up some more herbs, a bunch more violas, some bulbs, and another couple of flats of wooly thyme. I'm going to put crocuses in between the stepping stones, among the thyme. It was a trip, walking down the aisle where they had the pony packs of stock. It's all quite floriferous and bloomiferous and odoriferous. Lots of planting to do tomorrow.

I did start my paperwhite bulbs in a vase tonight. This year I got paperyellows, though. They are named "Cheerfulness."

[Comments] (2) Press Forward: I finished the K surnames and started on the Ls. There are 23 pages of L surnames, so I only printed out half of them to start with. Of these, I checked two pages of names today, but am going to quit now because my eyes are fogging up.


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