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[Comments] (3) Cooking Curry: Well, I made the Indian shrimp curry. It was ok, but not wonderful. Somehow the flavor lacked something, and I can't quite put my finger on what. One possibility may be that I didn't have curry leaves to fry in ghee. (I used butter.) Another is that I used the Schilling curry powder from the supermarket. There is an Indian spice store somewhere in town, and I'm going to go there to see if I can get better curry powder. I don't really know the difference, but it's got to be more authentic than the prepackaged Schilling stuff, right?

I served it with my favorite salad, a California salad of orange, grapefruit, avocado, red onion, and bibb lettuce with poppyseed dressing. Rachel liked it this time! I am relieved, after years and years and years of having my husbands and children refuse to eat this salad. (This salad is also good with Italian dressing.)

[Comments] (1) My Wish List: Red sweater. Lands End jeans #8923-7A72 size 10 inseam 31. New garden clogs. (www.gardeners.com). New pepper/salt grinder. Nutmeg grater. Trip to White Forest Nursery and help planting the stuff. Amaryllis bulb(s). Alice and Jerry Books. I also have a book wish list on Amazon.


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