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[Comments] (5) In-N-Out: This evening I paid Juan, balanced the checkbook, bought groceries, and paid bills. I guess that says it all right there.

We are having a controversy at work--I may have written about it--in which another prof was offended by Gloria Dumler's bumper sticker(s?) and sent out a massive theological email complaining about it. Sheesh, her licence plate says GDUMLER; if he had a problem with her, he should have talked to her privately. So this morning I walked in from the parking lot with Becky Mooney and she asked me if I had offended anyone with my bumper stickers. I certainly hope so. Jar people's thinking a bit! Most people know who my license plate belongs to also, so they can key my car if they want to, I guess.

Actually, the red truck did get keyed during the time I had the anti-Rush Limbaugh sticker on it. It may not have been Rush's fault, however, because that same semester I had a gangbanger student really angry with me because she failed and I wouldn't change her grade when she tried to intimidate me. She even filed a formal complaint with the Dean. She may have keyed my truck too.

If some of these people would put the energy into coming to class, doing their work, and trying to learn that they put into avoiding work and playing games, success would be theirs!


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