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This is a Test, Not an Actual Emergency: Obviously. I had three students from this morning's class not even bother to show up. I'm feeling pretty cranky about cooperating with them for a makeup test. I think I should just flunk them, and then we'll see how they feel!

Rachel and I went to see Napoleon Dynamite at the dollar theater. It was okay, but I am glad I didn't pay to see it in a regular theater.

I am working and working on getting my handbooks done for Spring 2005 so I can play over Christmas.

Seig Heil!: Are we sliding closer and closer to dictatorship? We certainly appear to be. The latest move is the purging of the CIA. Apparently the administration is humphy because of "leaks" to the "liberal media." Dunno what's becoming of the Bill of Rights, but I'm starting to get scared.


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