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[Comments] (3) Same Drama, Different Characters: Today I had three students not show up to take their exam, just like yesterday. That gives me a total of six makeups to have to schedule, not including any possible retakes. Arrrrrrhhhhgghgh! One of the students I advised to drop back before the drop deadline, and she wanted to try and begged me to leave her on the roster, and now she doesn't show for the exam.

Irma is finally coming back to clean the house tomorrow after almost three weeks in Mexico visiting her mother. I'm glad she got to visit Mexico, but boy has this house missed her. Rachel and I have swept floors and whatnot, but still....


Posted by Susie at Tue Nov 16 2004 18:50

How can those students be so inconsiderate? Of you, and of their futures.

Posted by Marianne at Tue Nov 16 2004 19:56

Students are students, no matter how old. Or should I say, people are people whether they are 13 or 30 ... just can't figure some of them out!

Posted by Joe at Thu Nov 18 2004 11:26

You can lead the horse to the trough but you cant force the animal to drink.

I would say that there are simply no retakes unless they schedule ahead of time (except for extraneous circumstances). That is how they do things in the Biology department. Or you could just give them a pass and let them learn later that you can cheat on tests, but you can't cheat the law of the harvest.

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